Odor & exhaust air treatment at wastewater treatment plants with photoionization

UV technology ensures efficient odour removal, saves time and reduces operating costs, without costly maintenance

99 %

and more cleaning performance possible

500 +

plants worldwide

60 %

and more energy savings possible

Photoionization makes exhaust air purification simple.

Clean exhaust air without effort

Do you need to ensure clean exhaust air? Our low-maintenance plants eliminate your harmful emissions with photoionization (UV technology).

Efficient exhaust air purification & save energy

Comply with specifications & reduce workload

The way we support you


Installing of plants

For quality assurance, we offer the installation of plants worldwide with our own personnel.

Test plants

With our test plants, we can demonstrate the performance of our processes on site. During the tests, simple substance analyses can be carried out or extensive laboratory analyses can take place.

Odor analyses, microbiological analyses

We offer odor and substance analyses for the tasks to be performed.

Supply of consumables

We store large quantities of consumables in warehouses around the world in order to guarantee the shortest possible delivery times to our customers.

Plant maintenance

We ensure the operation and maintenance of our plants on behalf of our customers on the basis of long-term maintenance contracts. The warranty period can be extended in conjunction with maintenance contracts.

Pioneers in odor treatment with photoionization

About us

We are pioneers in off-gas purification with UV technology for waste water treatment plants and the industry. Our efficient and low-maintenance plants effectively help to reduce odor pollution - without a huge amount of time.

25 years of experience

500+ plants worldwide

Customer testimonials

,,The fully automatic operation of the photoionization plant is made possible by a PLC. The volumetric flows are regulated automatically and the output of the plant is adapted to the input load (H2S).
The new Neutralox photoionization plant has reduced the energy requirement for odor treatment at the central waste water treatment plant in Peine by about 70 % in winter and about 60 % in the summer months.”

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