Photoionization - Exhaust air purification with UV technology for waste water treatment plants

Neutralox NEUTRALOX® photoionization is a modern technology for cleaning odorous exhaust air.

How does photoionization work?

  1. UV light is used to generate oxidizing agents, ionize atoms and molecules and break down pollutants.
  2. Catalysts are used to oxidize the pollutants and odorous substances.
  3. The result: Effective odor purification

NEUTRALOX® Photoionization offers an effective method for odor treatment and purification of heavily polluted exhaust air from various industries, including waste, wastewater, sewage sludge, food products and chemicals.

Why photoionization?

Benefits of UV technology for exhaust air purification

Efficient & Reliable

Typical odor nuisances caused by hydrogen sulphide (H₂S), dimethyl sulphate (DMS), ammonia (NH3), volatile organic compounds (VOC) etc. are effectively eliminated even with large air flows.

Low operating and maintenance costs

Due to the physico-chemical mode of operation, photoionization is independent of environmental conditions.

Compact & rapid in operation

Having a modular design, our plants are supplied pre-assembled. They also require a comparatively small installation area

Power connection is sufficient

Only a power connection is required to operate Neutralox plants. We replace consumables during regular maintenance.

Whether desert or arctic winter

Single-walled, double-walled and insulated. Our plants can cope with all climates.

Indoors and outdoors

Thanks to their compact design, our plants can be installed indoors or outdoors


The energy requirement of the plants is low. With integrated heat recovery, the waste heat can be used to heat the supply air.

Where are photoionization plants used?

  • Screen plant
  • Sewage pumping stations
  • Vacuum stations
  • Screen buildings, headworks
  • Sand traps
  • Inlet areas
  • Pre-clarification
  • Thickener
  • Sludge storage tanks
  • Sludge treatment, e.g. dryer, aerobic stabilization
  • Dewatering buildings

In waste water treatment plants, Neutralox plants are mainly used in the inlet area, in mechanical cleaning and primary clarification - as well as in all areas of sludge treatment.

500-1500 m³ / hour

Small plant

Waste water pumping stations often have relatively small Neutralox plants, which ensure odor treatment completely independently and without major operating costs.

2000-5000 m³ / hour

Medium-sized plant

Medium-sized plants treat exhaust air from various odor sources or smaller buildings

10.000+ m³ / hour

Large plant

Large Neutralox plants treat exhaust air in large rooms, such as screening or drainage buildings. In some cases, the exhaust air from complete waste water treatment plants is oxidized.

Customer testimonials

,,The fully automatic operation of the photoionization plant is made possible by a PLC. The volumetric flows are regulated automatically and the output of the plant is adapted to the input load (H2S).
The new Neutralox photoionization plant has reduced the energy requirement for odor treatment at the central waste water treatment plant in Peine by about 70 % in winter and about 60 % in the summer months.”

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